Frequently Asked Questions

I've written a script. Can you animate a video based on my script?
We can animate scripts as long as there are only two characters onscreen at each time, and the characters are human (no animals or talking inanimated objects).

If you'd like to confirm that we can animate your script, please email to get a custom quote.
Can I ask for edits to the video?
Yes, your video comes with 4 revisions. If you need a small change down the line in two weeks or two months, we can substitute an animation or a clothing item for free or a small fee.
Why choose 3D animation over whiteboard or 2D animation?
Marketing is based on evoking an emotional response, which is easier to do with 3D human characters than stick figures. In experiments comparing our 3D animated videos with whiteboard and 2D animation, our videos lead to higher clickthroughs and sales.
How does the process work?
See the How It Works section.
Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is fully refundable in the initial discussion stage, before our team starts script writing. Once that begins, the deposit is no longer refundable, since we need to pay our writers for their time working on the order.
How long will it take to get my custom video?
From start to finish, it takes an average of two weeks to get your completed video. The process can go faster if you provide rapid feedback during the script and draft video stages.
I don't want to write my own script. Can you help me create a script?
Yes! We'll collect your product name, topic, and specific points you want to convey. After you place your order, an assigned writer will work with you to create the script.
Why is your video service cheaper than others?
We have breakthrough technology for customizing avatars and 3D scenes, as well as a library of 250 animations and 30 backgrounds. Combining these allow us to create custom animated movies at an unprecedented low price.
What format will my custom video be in?
We will provide you with a MP4 file, which you can upload directly onto Facebook or YouTube. We will also provide you a link of the video hosted on, which you can share or embed.
How can I recover my Evertoon username if I didn't create a full account with my email or Facebook?
Please email us at with your username, and we will help you.